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With all the other free UO servers to play on, why play here?
With that question in mind, this page shows our reasons, and hope you'll agree.

Alasiya.Net is a unique Role-Playing/Player-vs-Player experience for Ultima Online game fans.
We offer gameplay developed by players for players, and is a place where *WE* want to play.
Alasiya was created specifically with that in mind, and all staff members are regular players.
Most of our "regular players" have been here since we opened in fall '98.
The name "Alasiya" is from the Egyptian Mythology as the Island the goddess Isis resides on.
Loosely translated, Alasiya would be "paradise" or "heaven".

We are a free server that specialized in pre-3D UO, but supports all clients up to 7.0.2

We offer the following player features here...
Character Creation Menu,
an Optional Race and Class system,
an Optional Experience and Level system with GUMP Menus.
InGame Player Commands,
Customizable Player Vendors,
4 seperate COLORIZED custom chat channels
Revamped Stats and Skills on all Original, T2A and Renaissance Monsters.
Our unique Unreal Tourney Game
Unique Roulette and Slot machines at the Casino
Our Own Snail-Mail System.
Totally Unique Real Estate System
Custom Player House Menus and Commands,
20 mineable Armor and Weapon Ores,
7 types of wood bows,
8 types of ore bows,
and 5 types of Dragonscale Armor.
All crafts have Unique GUMP Menus.

Players may visit the Demo Houses area to see all avalible housing options.
This area is accessable via moongate in Moonglow.

Player Vendors are located in the Farmers Market, which is also accessable by moongate in Moonglow.

Moongates from town to town work, and We have added a few other places, as well.

Player Characters are limited to 250 in each stat, and skills are limited only by the characters class, if chosen.

Mindless Player-Killing is not tolerated here, and soon to be not possible.
Also note that we support Drow, as they were meant to be played.

Please visit the Comments and Suggestions Forum and let us know what you think.
We are constantly striving for improvement, and value your opinions.

We now support LBR/AoS/SE/ML under Sphere's 0.56 server series.
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