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Please be patient, as these pics may take some time to load.

When you dclick the game stone, you will see this menu.
The options are simple, either Join an exhisting game, or start a new game.
If there is no game in progress, it will tell you so.
If a game has been started already, you cannot start or configure a new game.
When you click "Start New Game", You will get this game config menu. From here, you can choose all aspects of the game, including number of teams, players per team, and avalible team colors.
All Red text that is NOT "N/A" is considered invalid and must be changed before the game config can be saved, and a game started. Click on the text to change the options avalible for that type, starting with the type of game.
Config screen for a Capture The Flag game.
Config screen for a Kill On Sight game.
KOS is a team frag game.
The "Number of Flags" option is Not Applicable for this game.
Config screen for a Frag game.
There are no teams in Frag, and the starting locations are random.
Next, select the difficulty level of the game.
This has impact on the light level, the player stats, and various other things "behind the scenes".
There are 3 levels avalible, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
After you have configured the game you wish to play, and chosen the team colors, click on apply to save your settings.
Then you will be given this screen, and the options of starting the game, or resetting the game.
Players still cannot join the game at this point.
After pressing the "Okay" button, and starting the game, all players currently in-game, or on the login screen, will see this msg. At this time, all players, including yourself, can join the game. The game is not started, but the timer is running. The number of avalible spots depends on your settings in the config menu.
Please Note....Creating a game DOES NOT automatically enroll you into it. You will have to join the game, if you want to play.
Anyone that dclicks the game stone will get this menu, and when there is a game going, they can see the stats for the game from here. I am working on making a webpage version of the game stats, also.
Those that choose to join the game will get this menu. From here, you can either join in the fray, or elect to watch only. Spectators will be able to watch the game first-hand, but are invisible and cannot interfere with gameplay.
Once you have chosen to join the game, you will be given a choice of avalible team colors to choose from. When you pick the one you want to play, press the "Okay" button, and you will be teleported to your starting location with everything you need to play.
NOTE...All of your character stats/skills/etc ARE SAVED.
You WILL NOT loose anything by playing.
Your character will be reset when the game is over.

Please note... There may be some bugs in this game that I have not encountered as of yet, even tho I have extensively tested it.
If you find anything that does not seem to work right, or have a problem with your character, please let me know, and I will correct.

Special thanks to Leeanthonie and Lydie for suggestions, and to Vishnu, Susprina, Lavits, Syr Moondark, Vaen Kestal, and other players that I have forgotten (please mail me and I'll add you here) for playtesting and again to Vishnu, Zyen, and GM Ramius for debugging help.

Base idea from "paintball.scp" by Admin Negafen of Anarchy.

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