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Item Where found Description
Lil Black Book Special Vendor The 'Black Book' is a contact list for message sending.
This book has a max of 10 contacts.
Big Black Book Special Vendor Like the Lil Black Book, but you can have 30 contacts.
Fitness Guidelines Special Vendor These books are used to instruct you better ways of aquiring and maintaining physical and mental fitness.
Skills Guidelines Special Vendor These books are used to as guidelines for learning new combat techniques.
Specialty Books U/K There are rumors of other books that give instructions in many differnt areas, including hidden dungeons, quests, lost knowledge, and travel secrets.
Elixers Various These liquids can be found in the deepest and darkest parts of the world, and have varied effects upon the character drinking them.

As more items are debugged and working correctly, i will post them here.

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