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All small files are zipped using WinZip 7.0.
Large files use ACE 2.5 compression.
If you have any problems, Mail Us with a description
of your problem, and our resident techie will reply as soon as possible.

and Hues
Custom colors written for Alasiya, along with the
30 new houses and ships, and a few other new things.
These files are necessary for playing on Alasiya, due to the updated multis.

File size: 382.7Kb


Alasiya Statics These Statics have miscellanous things to reduce lag and expand some areas.
These files are not necessary for playing on Alasiya, but include things like the "Farmer's Market",
expanded Mt. Kendall mine, and a few others.

File size: 5.1Mb


Hues, Multis
and Statics
Single .zip file with hues, multis, and statics files included.
You MUST have the multis and hues from either this file or the one above.

File size: 7.7Mb


UOAM 4.0

UOAM 7.1
This is a handy mapping tool, and used to see where other
characters are when logged in.
Version 4.0 is for older installations (t2a, renaissance).
The UOAM Server Status can be checked from the ServerList Page.

File size:
4.0 - 87.3Kb
login.cfg Here is the config file for logging into Alasiya.


UOSU v1.33 This is a handy screenshot utility, made for Ultima Online.
File size: 354.9Kb
Scripts.tar.gz GameMaster Script file for Axis2

This File is for GameMasters only.
Players DO NOT need this file.

File size: 257.8Kb

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