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Main BlackSmith Menu The main BS menu was a template scripted by Admin Vaticus with the raw gumps created by Admin Khaybel.
I added support for Alasiya's 20 ores/ingots, used the exhisting 'item smelt' function, and created functions for 'make last' and to use the server's skill check/gain system instead of the mostly-chance scripted skillgains.
The 'mark' function is no longer there, as the server marks GM made items automatically.
BlackSmith Menu 1 Most of the armor and weapons can be made from all the ores, so the create menus are all the same, with the exception of the title at the top.
This was not a part of the original script, but there was a template with this idea.
In-Game Main Help Menu The help menu is called from the 'help' button on the PD.
This advanced menu was originally created by the genius at Menasoft.
I just made some slight alterations to it for Alasiya for common Information, and other helpful points of interest, including the paging system.
Main Level Menu The Level menu was originaly created by Virtus Viper.
With some slight modifications, I have implemented 15 levels, along with titles, and the player can choose to have their title shown on their PD or not.
Also, the player can choose NOT to use the leveling system, for those that do not like it.
Please note...the level system is totally optional.
Level Menu - Raise Stat I have added the ability to raise stats and skills based on a points gained from leveling up.
The player gets 3 points to start, and additional points for every level they gain. These points can be used for all stats, and prime skills for their chosen class.
Masonry GainThe Mason skill was based on an idea by Nerrik.
I re-arranged the script for server-side skill checks/gains and made multis for craftable items.
I used the standard mining skill for aquiring and smelting raw stone and currently have 14 items that can be created using the mason skill, inculding statues and small houses.
You may recognize the area this pic was taken in. In Alasiya, it is the 'Quarry'. All server side.

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