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This is a Role-Playing Shard, thus you are expected to stay in character at all times.
** NOTE **
We realize that there will be times that you will need to speak with a Staff Member out of character.
We understand that some things are easier to solve when speaking freely, and this will be the exception.
You may use the chat system, instant message system, or mail system for ingame communication, also.
The vendors ARE working. You cannot stand at a wall and yell "BANK" IRL, so it has been changed here, too.

AFK macroing will be allowed only at specific times. Sitting at your keyboard while training a skill is not considered AFK macroing.  However, if you are caught AFK outside desiginated times, you will be jailed.

Do NOT ask ANY staff member for items, stat gain, skill gain, item coloring, etc., as this is strictly forbidden.

Harassment of ANY character or Staff member will not be tolerated. This includes sexual harassment, racial remarks, and crude remarks about one's sexuality.  (please use common sense here)

There will be no public ridicule of ANY person on the shard. If you are having problems with someone, please discuss it in private or use a chat program. If it is a staff member that you are having difficulties with please page for him/her ingame so that it may be taken care of in the proper manner.
If you cannot solve a problem, msg or mail me, and I will handle it.

Please do not abuse the paging system. The GM's will make certain that pages are top priority when they log on.
If the paging system is abused, I will remove it.

PvP and looting will be allowed in designated areas only, and MUST be role-played or it will be considered a "kool dewd" action, which is a jailable offense.
Please be aware of Drow in Alasiya. Their form of RP is Kill-On-Sight for anyone not Drow, and rarely say anything before. This IS RP for Drow, however, in NO CASE is res-killing allowed.

Each town will be run and maintained by individual GM's and/or Players. They will set the rules governing each town. You should check in the Library or in the Bank for a list of these rules when you get to that town.

**(Special Circumstances may call for different actions)**

First Offense: Warning
Second Offense: 24 HR Jail Sentence
Third Offense: 14 day Jail Sentence
Fourth Offense: 2 week suspension of Account
Fifth Offense: Permanent Loss of Account

We reserve the right to Change/Update these rules at any time.
At that time, I will post new/updated rules here.

Inactive Accounts will be deleted after 60 days !

~Alasiya Staff~

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