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For those players who have old characters on Alasiya, you may log back in to find yourself in "Character Storage" (using .where).
In this case, you will need to set your char for the changes that have occurred in the time you have been away.
Use the .oldchar command and pick the middle option (default character menu). You will be given the option of selecting
a race/class, but more importantly, you will be able to keep your stats and skills previously gained. Make your selection
on whether you would like a race and class. This is totally optional. If you choose to select a race and class, the menu will
give you all the class options avalible for the currently chosen race. Afterwards, you will be able to pick your starting town.
Once the town is chosen, you will not be able to return to either the menu, or the storage area.
If you choose from Alasiya's race/class menu, or the custom character generator,
you WILL loose all stats, skills, experience, and levels (if any). This cannot be undone, and this is your only warning.

Most of the previous 650+ characters were moved so I could save them easier while changing other things with the shard.
All characters and accounts that were active in the last 4 years (and in some cases, 6+ years) have been saved.
However, most of the placed items like houses were lost. This was unavoidable, and cannot be replaced.

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