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Player House Menus and Commands

House Menu - MainThe House menu was originaly created by Admin Vaticus of Avatars Realm.
With some slight modifications, I am currently working on a custom house system, with unique features.
House Menu - FriendsThe Friend and Co-Owner tab.
House Menu - OptionsThe Options tab.

This is a list of working house commands that can be used by
Owners and Friends of a house and a description of what they do.
I wish to lock this down Lock things down in your house.
I wish to release this Release things in your house.
I wish to secure this Secure things down in your house.
I ban thee Ban others from your house.
Remove thyself Eject others from your house.
I wish to place a trash barrel Place a trash barrel your house.
I wish to place a strongbox Place a strongbox your house.
This option is for Co-owners only.
I wish to remove this Remove a strongbox or trash barrel form your house.

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