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General Info on Dungeons and other Un-Guarded places in Alasiya.

Dungeon Name Theme Number of Levels Monster Types and Levels PvP? Res Stone? Access?
Covetus * (2) None 3 T2A/1-10 Yes Yes Land/Magic
Deceit * (1) Undead 4 T2A/3-9 Yes Yes (6) Ship/Magic
Despise Humaniods 3 T2A/2-4 Yes Yes Land/Magic
Destard None 3 T2A/3-7 Yes Yes Land/Magic
Fire * (1) The Volcano 2 T2A/5-10 Yes Yes (6) U/K
Hythloth * (1) Hellish Fiends 4 T2A/4-10 Yes Yes (10) Ship/Magic
Ice The Fridge 1 T2A/3-7 Yes Yes Travel
Lost * (1) None 2 T2A/3-9 Yes Yes (4) U/K
New * (1) None 2 T2A/3-9 No Yes (4) U/K
Newbie Mongbat Mayhem 1 T2A/1-5 No Yes (6) Restricted Gate
Shame Elementals 4 T2A/3-8 No Yes (3) U/K
Wrong None 3 T2A/3-9 Yes Yes (2) Land/Magic

GraveYard Location Monster Types and Levels PvP? Res Stone? Access?
Brit GY T2A/1-3 No Yes Land/Magic
Cove GY T2A/2-6 No Yes Land/Magic
Jhelom GY T2A/3-8 Yes Yes Land/Magic
Moonglow GY T2A/3-9 No No Land/Magic
Ocllo GY T2A/4-9 No Yes Land/Magic
Vesper GY T2A/3-5 No Yes Land/Magic
Yew GY T2A/2-6 No No Land/Magic
Yew Crypts T2A/5-8 Yes Yes Land/Magic
Place Monster Types and Levels PvP? Res Stone? Access?
Ancient Ruins T2A/6-9 Yes No Land/Magic
Britain Swamp T2A/3-5 Yes No Land/Magic
City of the Dead T2A/2-7 Yes No Land/Magic
Cyclops Valley * T2A/7-10 No No U/K
Dragon Isle ** T2A/10 Yes Yes (3) Magic/Travel
Frozen Hills T2A/2-7 Yes Yes (2) Land/Magic
Hedge Maze T2A/5-10 Yes Yes (5) Land/Magic
Hoppers Bog * T2A/1-6 Yes No Land/Magic
Hidden Valley * T2A/5-9 Yes Yes U/K
Mages' Valley * T2A/5-10 Yes No Magic/Travel
Monster Valley T2A/4-8 Yes No Land/Magic
Ophidian's Lair * T2A/6-9 Yes Yes (1) Magic/Travel
Orc Valley T2A/1-3 Yes No Land/Magic
Orcish Lands T2A/1-6 Yes No Magic/Travel
Ruins in the Weeds T2A/5-8 Yes No Land/Magic
Southern Bog T2A/1-9 Yes Yes Land/Magic
Sunspot Beach T2A/1-4 Yes No Land/Magic
Place Monster Types and Levels PvP? Res Stone? Access?
Cove Barbarian Fort T2A/5-7 Yes No Land/Magic
Ice Orc Fort U/K U/K No U/K
Yew Brigand Camp T2A/2-5 U/K No Land/Magic
Yew Orc Fort T2A/1-4 U/K No Land/Magic

Names with an * denotes a 'Party' dungeon starting at level (x), if applicable.

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