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Hello and Welcome to Alasiya!
We are an Old-School RolePlay shard.    Alasiya is designed,  created and maintained by RP'ers.
Our Veterans are some of the best RP'ers in the game, and look forward to starting new storylines and adventures with you!    We are an RP shard,  and as such,  we expect all players to remain In-Character at all times.
The exceptions to this are when using the OOC (Out Of Char) chat channel (.ooc) or when speaking to a Game Master ingame.

We welcome new players, and have a guild devoted to guiding players new to UO,  experienced players new to Alasiya,  and anything inbetween.   If you have any Non-GM questions,  contact any member of Janus and they will gladly offer player assistance.
For those problems that do require GM assistance,  we have an original,  fully-scripted GM Page system,  allowing for more player/gm options, larger text area,  and avalible GM replies with player notifications.
More information on this and other unique things can be found in the forums.

On the technical side,  we are running SphereServer 0.56b, build 1487, and support clients up to with the Stygian Abyss expansion, but we have custom multis that DO NOT work above client 7.0.7,  so clients 7.0.8 thru 7.0.16 are therefore blocked.

This site is filled with much more information concerning Alasiya,  but if there is something you can't find, we have 2 forum categories that allow guests to post,  and an active crew of forum junkies to answer any questions about Alasiya you may have.
The forums are also a great place to post your opinions, suggestions, and comments on Alasiya. We'd love to hear your thoughts on our world.

Thanks for your interest in Alasiya, and hope to see you ingame soon.





December 29, 2013

Hello All.
After fixing the broken magic, i had to rewrite my magicresist
system. it is now working as inteneded, and more info can be
found at my original post on the forums here.

In other news, Poly is fixed, and i have added a few new items to the menu.
thanks to RumpleStiltSkin for pointing this out.

See ya ingame.


December 28, 2013

Hello All.
Harmful magic is now working again, and after searching, i have
updated 47 scripts to the new server version, 056c.

thanks to RumpleStiltSkin for pointing this out.

See ya ingame.


December 27, 2013

Hello All.
I have fixed some problems with the login counter on the status page.
I've noticed it hasnt been keeping accurate counts lately, and havent had time to
look into it until today, when i found out the ingame counters i was using couldnt
handle the large numbers the counter was getting to after being online for 7 years.

This has been updated, and now shows the accurate count of hits since it was implemented
in late 2006.

as a side note, i have updated another 14 scripts for faster runtime, optimization, and
new scripting for 0.56c.

that's all i have this time
See ya ingame.


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